Paint Colors


2015 Color Forecast: Gray Is Here to Stay

Few of us favor a weather forecast with solid gray skies, yet we can't seem to get enough of the smoky color in our indoor environment. As a result, we're … [Continue Reading]

Interior Painting

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Six Questions to Help You Choose the Right Paint

If you've ever been confused at the paint counter, you're not the only one. Most paint retailers sell a dizzying array of coatings, and that can make it difficult for anyone to pick the right paint. Even so, … [Continue Reading]

I Love Winter

Why Winter Is a Winning Time for Interior Painting

Winter's snow and cold put a damper on lots of remodeling activity, but not on interior painting. In fact, "snow days" are actually a great time to paint. Anyone who's ever been housebound while snowbound … [Continue Reading]


Priming Provides a Plethora of Benefits

When it comes to interior painting, most of us just can't wait to apply new color to our walls. Yet it's the final part of surface preparation – priming – that is key to getting the longest lasting, best … [Continue Reading]

Painting Ideas

Faux Framing With Paint

“Faux Framing” With Paint: Chic, Simple, and Economical

If you've ever suffered sticker shock from the cost of having an art piece matted and framed. . .this blog's for you. Turns out there's a simple, inexpensive, and much more creative alternative for showcasing … [Continue Reading]

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We are seeking your comments

For more than 20 years, the Paint Quality Institute website has championed the "quality paint job" message and has made every effort to deliver timely information on color, trends and technical innovations. … [Continue Reading]

Christmas decorating

Interior Painting Can Offer a Quick Fix to Your Home for the Holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, so are your holiday visitors. Is your home company-ready? If not, there’s still time to do something about it. You can dramatically upgrade your décor in just a weekend – … [Continue Reading]

Luxury basement

“Add on” to Your Home by Painting the Basement

Given the difficulty of selling a house these days, many homeowners looking for more living space are converting basements, attics, and even garages into extra “rooms” where there once was just storage. If … [Continue Reading]