Paint Colors

color palette and brush

Consumer Reports Comments on Color Matching Systems

An associate editor of the highly regarded Consumer Reports recently contacted the Paint Quality Institute for our take on paint color matching systems. The … [Continue Reading]

Interior Painting


Priming Provides a Plethora of Benefits

When it comes to interior painting, most of us just can't wait to apply new color to our walls. Yet it's the final part of surface preparation – priming – that is key to getting the longest lasting, best … [Continue Reading]

Heat Wave High Temperatures

Too Hot for Outdoor Painting? Then Paint Indoors

There comes a point when it’s just too hot for exterior painting – either because the paint will dry too quickly to wear well over time, or because you’ll quickly wear yourself out working in the heat and … [Continue Reading]

white living room

Summertime Is a Great Time to Paint Interior Walls

When it comes to your home's exterior, you get a chance to change the color only every so often – just once a decade if you applied a long-lasting top quality paint. Not so with the interior, however. If … [Continue Reading]

Painting Ideas

Sprinkler, hot summer day

Hot Weather a Fine Time for Minor Painting Projects

Just because the weather's turned hot doesn't mean you can't do something cool to your home exterior. There are plenty of bite-size – yet impactful -- painting projects that can be completed in just a morning … [Continue Reading]

paint kitchen cabinets

Repaint to Restore Your Kitchen After the Holidays

If your home is like most, the holidays have probably left your kitchen a little worse for wear. It's not just the food preparation, which for many can be a frenetic affair. Marks and stains on walls and … [Continue Reading]

Faux Framing With Paint

“Faux Framing” With Paint: Chic, Simple, and Economical

If you've ever suffered sticker shock from the cost of having an art piece matted and framed. . .this blog's for you. Turns out there's a simple, inexpensive, and much more creative alternative for showcasing … [Continue Reading]