Paint Colors


2015 Color Forecast: Gray Is Here to Stay

Few of us favor a weather forecast with solid gray skies, yet we can't seem to get enough of the smoky color in our indoor environment. As a result, we're … [Continue Reading]

Interior Painting

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Six Questions to Help You Choose the Right Paint

If you've ever been confused at the paint counter, you're not the only one. Most paint retailers sell a dizzying array of coatings, and that can make it difficult for anyone to pick the right paint. Even so, … [Continue Reading]

I Love Winter

Why Winter Is a Winning Time for Interior Painting

Winter's snow and cold put a damper on lots of remodeling activity, but not on interior painting. In fact, "snow days" are actually a great time to paint. Anyone who's ever been housebound while snowbound … [Continue Reading]


Priming Provides a Plethora of Benefits

When it comes to interior painting, most of us just can't wait to apply new color to our walls. Yet it's the final part of surface preparation – priming – that is key to getting the longest lasting, best … [Continue Reading]

Painting Tips

Paint by the Numbers to Get the Best Results

While aesthetics drive a lot of painting decisions, don't ignore the math when choosing your paint. Figures like price per gallon and coverage rate should factor into your thinking, and other numbers are even … [Continue Reading]


Posh Painting: Expand Your Space

How many times have you wanted to elevate the feel of a room but thought you couldn't due to budgetary constrictions, spatial confinement within the four walls of the structure that you cannot renovate, or … [Continue Reading]

100 percent acrylic

A Versatile Paint Can Simplify Complicated Projects

Some interior painting projects are pretty straightforward – changing the color of the walls in a well-maintained bedroom, for example. But they’re not all that way. A friend recently re-painted his … [Continue Reading]

April Fools' Day

Avoid These Four “Foolish” Mistakes When Painting Your Home

As April Fools Day approaches, it's a good time to caution against making foolish mistakes when painting your home. The fact is, most early paint failures occur because of a foolish error or poor decision that … [Continue Reading]