Weather-beaten Deck? You’ve Got Options

Large deck with umbrella and view of the lake

If your deck has emerged from its fight with winter battered and bruised, you’ll soon be shopping for a deck coating. Fortunately, you’ve got options.

Super-durable Stains Simplify Deck Upkeep

Male Carpenter Applying Varnish To Wooden Furniture.

By applying the right type of stain to your deck, and the right brand of product, you can greatly stretch out the staining cycle.

Exterior Trim Calls for Best Possible Semi-gloss Paint

Window Shutters painted red

Why switch to a semi-gloss finish once the walls are painted? The reasons involve both practical and aesthetic considerations.

Winter Ending; Let the Painting Begin!


Given this year’s record snow, rain, ice and cold. . .a lot of us will be taking up paint brushes and rollers before too long.

Proper Painting Gear Makes Exterior Painting Easier

Happy Painter

Now that we’re in the late stages of this year’s exterior painting season, it’s time to gear up for those final projects.

Exterior Paint Color Is Inspired in Tubac, Too

Colored Ceramics (Tubac, AZ)

Tubac, Arizona, where it seems the colors of homes and buildings are inspired not by historic palettes, but by . . .a natural Technicolor landscape

Five Midsummer Painting Projects to Consider Doing Now


Spring and fall are peak seasons for exterior painting, but it makes sense to tackle certain projects now, in summertime.

Winners of “Prettiest Painted Places” Competition: an Eclectic Mix of Colorful Communities


Even before we launched our 2012 competition to find the Prettiest Painted Places in America, we suspected that we’d find no template in the winners – and the results bear that out

Judges Name Finalists in “Prettiest Painted Places” Competition


After an exhaustive four-month search, 60 beautifully painted cities, towns, and neighborhoods have been named as finalists in the Prettiest Painted Places in America competition.

Prettiest Painted Places in America 2012 Nominees

2012 PPP Nominees

Here’s the map with all 193 entries showing the dispersion of the nominees.