Last Call for Pre-Holiday Painting

Holiday table with turkey

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s wise to take a careful look at the condition of your home. There’s still time to enhance things.

Practical Tips to Ensure Color Consistency on Big Interior Paint Jobs

Color Consistency on Big Interior Paint Jobs

Why learn the hard way? Follow these simple procedures when undertaking a large interior painting project.

Six Questions to Help You Choose the Right Paint

Thoughtful couple sitting on the couch having coffee in the living room

If you’ve ever been confused at the paint counter, you’re not the only one. Most paint retailers sell a dizzying array of coatings, and that can make it difficult for anyone to pick the right paint. Even so, there is a way to streamline your paint selection: Just answer the following six questions. They’ll help […]

Why Winter Is a Winning Time for Interior Painting

I Love Winter

Winter’s snow and cold put a damper on lots of remodeling activity, but not on interior painting. In fact, “snow days” are actually a great time to paint.

Priming Provides a Plethora of Benefits


When it comes to interior painting, priming is key to getting the longest lasting, best looking paint job.

Too Hot for Outdoor Painting? Then Paint Indoors

Heat Wave High Temperatures

There comes a point when it’s just too hot for exterior painting. . .this is a great time to spruce up your interior .

Summertime Is a Great Time to Paint Interior Walls

white living room

If you want to change your wall color on a whim, you can do so this weekend. That’s part of the beauty of interior painting – it’s quick, easy and inexpensive.

Painting to Beautify Your Bathroom

Modern bathroom interior

Unless you need (or want) to upgrade your tile and plumbing, you can easily beautify your bathroom simply by painting it.

Interior Painting Makes for a “Surprising” Valentine’s Gift


If you’re in a rut with your Valentine’s Day gift giving, why not try something completely different this year? One novel idea is to surprise your special someone with a beautiful new interior paint scheme that he or she will fall in love with! There are lots of advantages stepping outside the traditional comfort zone […]

There’s Still Time to Enhance Your Home for the Holidays


With year-end holidays fast approaching, so too are visits by friends and family. Is your home interior company-ready? If not. . .you still have time to paint.