Interior Painting Makes for a “Surprising” Valentine’s Gift


If you’re in a rut with your Valentine’s Day gift giving, why not try something completely different this year? One novel idea is to surprise your special someone with a beautiful new interior paint scheme that he or she will fall in love with! There are lots of advantages stepping outside the traditional comfort zone [...]

There’s Still Time to Enhance Your Home for the Holidays


With year-end holidays fast approaching, so too are visits by friends and family. Is your home interior company-ready? If not. . .you still have time to paint.

Prime Time for “Paint and Primer” Products

Man holding a can of self-priming interior paints

Some self-priming interior paints perform better than others

Select an Interior Paint With Your Specific Needs in Mind

Young woman painting her house interior

Today’s latex paints offer a dizzying array of benefits and performance characteristics – and one of these paints is likely just right for your specific needs.

New Digs? Don’t Wait to Paint!


One of the very best times to do interior painting is when you’re moving into a new house or apartment.

Pointers on Painting the Powder Room


This humble part of the house should actually be given extra thought before undertaking to paint it, since the room presents special challenges.

Show Your Home Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

If you believe that “home is where the heart is,” why not show a little love for your abode this Valentine’s Day? You can… revitalize things with a colorful new coat of interior paint.

Interior Painting Comes Alive in the Dead of Winter

Young Woman Smiling Holding Paint Roller

As colder weather drives homeowners indoors, one project that picks up steam is interior painting.

Your Paint Shouldn’t Go Soft on Banisters

Paint Banisters

If the paint color on the banisters and railings inside your home is fading unevenly, the cause may be the type of paint that was used on them. Certain enamel paints tend to soften when exposed to natural oils left from handprints and fingerprints.

Use a Deft Touch When Doing Touch-ups

Touch-up Painting

Making a paint touch-up is typically a simple fix, if you go about it the right way. But as with so many aspects of interior painting, there’s an art to getting the best results, even when doing touch-up work.