New Year’s Resolutions for DIY Painters


If you’re a do-it-yourself painter, here are some resolutions you might want to consider.

Helpful Holiday Gifts for the Do-It-Yourself Painter

gift box with golden ribbon

Tired of giving the same-old, same-old holiday presents (scarves, sweaters, or sweets)? If your loved one is a do-it-yourself painter, then think outside the box this year and give something special to help with (and encourage) his or her “hobby”. What to buy? The shelves at paint stores and home centers are filled with clever […]

DIY Dressed-Up Bookcase

Book Case

Revamping an old bookcase isn’t as difficult as you might think. In fact, all you need are a few simple tools, a couple cans of paint and some decorative wood trim to restore that relic to greatness.

Hot Weather a Fine Time for Minor Painting Projects

Sprinkler, hot summer day

Just because the weather’s turned hot doesn’t mean you can’t do something cool to your home exterior. There are plenty of bite-size – yet impactful — painting projects

Repaint to Restore Your Kitchen After the Holidays

paint kitchen cabinets

If your kitchen needs some sprucing up after the holidays, you might want to take the opportunity to try out one of the new “paint and primer” products.

“Faux Framing” With Paint: Chic, Simple, and Economical

Faux Framing With Paint

If you’ve ever suffered sticker shock from the cost of having an art piece matted and framed. . .there’s a simple, inexpensive, and much more creative alternative: “faux framing” with interior paint.

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many small light bulbs equal big one

For more than 20 years, the Paint Quality Institute website has championed the “quality paint job” message and has made every effort to deliver timely information on color, trends and technical innovations.

Interior Painting Can Offer a Quick Fix to Your Home for the Holidays

Christmas decorating

By doing interior painting, you can dramatically upgrade your home décor for the holidays. And this type of remodeling is affordable even in the gift-giving season, typically costing a do-it-yourselfer less than $100 a room.

“Add on” to Your Home by Painting the Basement

Luxury basement

Given the difficulty of selling a house these days, many homeowners looking for more living space are converting basements, attics, and even garages into extra “rooms” where there once was just storage.

Treat Your Eyes to a Color Surprise


One thing that makes life exciting is the unexpected. Since surprises are so much fun, why not incorporate a few into your home décor? It’s easy and inexpensive with paint.