Paint by the Numbers to Get the Best Results

While aesthetics drive a lot of painting decisions, don’t ignore the math when choosing your paint.

Posh Painting: Expand Your Space


How many times have you wanted to elevate the feel of a room but thought you couldn’t due to budgetary constrictions, spatial confinement within the four walls of the structure that you cannot renovate, or rental restraint (it’s not your pad, so you’re either prohibited from drastically altering the space or you don’t want to […]

A Versatile Paint Can Simplify Complicated Projects

100 percent acrylic

More so than any other coating, top quality paints made with 100% acrylic binder are the ideal product to use when a paint job involves multiple surfaces.

Avoid These Four “Foolish” Mistakes When Painting Your Home

April Fools' Day

Most early paint failures occur because of a foolish error or poor decision that all but invites problems with your paint job. Here’s where many people go wrong

Six Home Painting Resolutions for the New Year


As a do-it-yourselfer, it’s always smart to use the best painting practices when doing interior or exterior painting. With that in mind, here are six resolutions you should be sure to keep when doing your 2012 painting projects

Getting to the Bottom of Peeling Paint


Few things are as troubling to a homeowner as a case of peeling paint. As ribbons, or even sheets, of paint pull away from the home exterior, so too goes the protective layer that keeps Mother Nature at bay, and with it, the attractive appearance of the home.

Why It’s Wise to Hold Onto Leftover Paint

leftover paint

There’s always a need for leftover paint: for use on missed spots, touch-ups, or even another home painting project. Holding onto unused paint can also save the expense of buying new paint.

Where Have All the Brush Marks Gone?


Do-it-yourselfers who use top quality paint are often amazed to see brush and roller marks virtually disappear as their paint dries. It’s the special ingredients in these paints that help produce a great-looking paint job.

Don’t Give Short-Shrift to Sheen


Interior high gloss paints are very stain-resistant, but flat paints help conceal imperfections in walls. Some tips on choosing the right gloss for your paint job.

12 Reasons Why Top Quality Paint Is Worth the Money

Round stamp with text: Quality

If you’re tempted to save a few dollars by trading down to a lower quality interior paint, it’s important to know what you’re giving up in the process.