Simply Beautiful (and Simple) Baseboards

Simply Beautiful (and Simple) Baseboards

How to construct custom baseboards with a few simple tools that absolutely anyone can use

How to Freshen Composite Deck Material With Paint or Stain

outdoor composite deck

Manufacturers say the color of composite decking is permanent, although they admit it will fade. But what if you want to change the color completely, or simply freshen the appearance of your deck?

Don’t Replace Kitchen and Bath Cabinets, Paint Them!

paint bathroom cabinets

With money so tight, it’s difficult to replace the cabinets in our kitchen and bathrooms. A more economical remodeling option is to change the appearance with paint.

Repaint, Rather Than Replace, to Stretch Your Remodeling Budget


In these lean economic times, it’s better to repaint things, rather than replace them. Following that advice would put less stress on both our bank account and our environment.

Five Quick (and Inexpensive) Home Painting Projects


When time and money are in short supply, it’s hard to think about big remodeling projects. Below are five economical paint remodeling ideas from the experts at the Paint Quality Institute.